Amazing Tips To Prevent Your Cheap Nail Polish From Chipping

I want my nail paint to last as long as possible. What about you? It doesn’t really matter if I have invested in expensive or cheap nail polish, for me it all boils down to the time period it stayed loyal to my nails. Many among us are conscious about brands, nevertheless if you deal with the nail applying procedure carefully, you can end up with excellent shades on your hands for a longer time. It’s really invigorating to know that you are not high maintenance but still turn heads with the fabulous tricks used to sustain the nail colors a little longer.All I’m saying is put together your efforts sophistically in order to avoid the damage our nails are easily prone to. As you know we ladies are great at multitasking in cleaning, cooking or sanitizing our hands, we always end up crumbling our nails. It often makes me feel that it’s not worth the exertion but then again I come across those stunning colors of wholesale nail polish seducing me completely. I then contemplate thinking it is worth it. It’s magically done if done in salon but not a piece of cake if doing at home. The following tips would prove to be valuable in sustaining the cheap nail polish a little longer. Consider acetone as your best friend. You might be unaware of this trick and would find it surprising to know that the thing which is used to take the colors off is also used to make it last longer. Aren’t the facts of nail polishes crazy? Since your nails produce natural oil it creates hindrance in making it last. So before bouncing your hands in shiny colors, consider soaking it first with nail remover. It helps. Smoothening your nails Any kind of bumps or ridges attract chipping, so make sure that you file, buffer and shape your nails before applying cheap nail polish. Engage in base coat Do not think of it as just an extra layer, it certainly gives you a chip proof look. It’s an essential step to make it look fabulous. Be patient with drying It’s ideal if you sit there with patience, I know it’s hard since you want your nails to turn out gorgeous as soon as possible but wait. Especially if you are sporting darker shades as they take longer to dry. Ice bucket challenge Yes you’ve heard that before, but here I mean you need to dip your hands in ice cold water once you are done with the application process. It has perfectly worked for me each time I tried drying my nails properly. Engage in top coat daily In order to extend the life of your cheap nail polish, try applying top coat daily as it gives a fresh look to your nails and also refrains the chipping and bumping. Protect it with gloves Wearing gloves while cleaning dishes, as well as using your hand in hot water is essential to protect your nails from chipping. The chemicals of soap tend to ruin your pretty nail color. Girls don’t be sceptical rather be brave enough to sport the cheap nail polish, since it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to sport such a look effortlessly. Prove it to others that you are not one of them.

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